Whether you call it UK afrobeats, afro bashment, afro swing or afro wave, London based singer/songwriter and DJ Afro B is right at the centre of the sound of now. Blending the vibes, beats and energies of Africa, the Caribbean and the ends, Afro's music is a unique flavour that could have only been born in London - drawing on the attitude and swagger of UK Rap and mixing it with the sweet melodies and dancefloor rhythms of his West African roots. As well as hosting the UK's premiere Afrobeats show on Capital Xtra, his own releases have been played every were from clubs to barbershops to daytime radio. With a seemingly effortless skill at working with new talent, Afro has recorded tracks with Yxng Bane, 67, Tion Wayne, Skengdo x AM, Not3s and more - as well as embracing the international appeal of his music by remixing his works with artists from Sweden, France, Holland, Ghana, Nigeria and beyond. With the Afrowave#1 mixtape already an acknowledged classic in the scene, Afrowave #2 is set to drop in 2018 and cement Afro B as the leader of the biggest sound the UK has produced in a decade.